Student and Parent Testimonials

Thank you for teaching L during this past year. I believe that what she has learned so far and what you have taught her will help her in her future endeavors.

Again I express my sincere appreciation for you agreeing to teach and mentor L Jay

Theses few years have passed really fast and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to study piano under you. Thank you for pushing me to be the best piano player that I could be. M.C.

Julie is an excellent piano teacher. She gives a lot of support and encouragement to her students. She is very loving and patient towards her students. She encourages them to participate in various piano festivals and events to build up their confident to play piano in public. Besides the regular piano lessons, Julie also provides group classes in her studio so students can learn from her and each other as a group. She would go above and beyond to make sure her students to reach their best in music.

We have had an extremely positive experience with Julie’s piano lessons for my daughter. We are very impressed and delighted by her style of teaching. She is very thoughtful, patient and warm instructor and at the same time also identifies and challenges her to grow and strengthen the areas that she needs to improve. My daughter really enjoys her lessons each time and I can see her steadily improving in her skills and confidence.

Julie is very organized and thoughtful about her teaching and her business. I don’t remember one time she has ended a lesson early. She is a traditional piano teacher that includes teaching theory. Most importantly, my son has been challenged the right amount, in which he wants to continue to play the piano while advancing his skills, learning to sight read more and more complicated pieces and providing an understanding for the “feeling” of a piece. We’ve been happy with her!

Ms. Julie is patient piano teacher. She teaches appropriate skill-level music as well a challenging fun music that my daughter enjoys. She encourages my daughter to participate in various music festivals and piano activities, which has increased my daughter’s confidence in playing in front of people/judges.

Julie is a first-rate teacher and role model for our ten year old daughter. Audrey has blossomed musically under Julie’s careful, thoughtful approach to teaching. Her studio is bright, warm and pleasant. And as a working Mom, I appreciate the flexibility and the opportunity to listen to the lesson or if needed, have my own quiet time in the comfortable sunny waiting area onsite.